Thursday, January 19, 2012

"MY TEST BOOK"-The Answer to a Teacher's Dream!

How would you like to be able to create and store some of the exams you have developed for your students online? How would you like to be able to share your exams with other teachers (and they with you)? What would it be like to have a test ready to go with ease for a student who was absent? How do you feel about creating classes where you can not only assign tests (in ANY subject) but also issue report cards any time you wish so that students (and parents) can receive regular updates on student progress?

Such a site may sound too good to be true for a free site (donations encouraged, but not required), but it does exist and is available for student (teacher creates the student accounts along with virtual classrooms), parent, and teacher. The site is MY TEST BOOK . Register for FREE and start exploring. Some grades and subjects have exams that other teachers have submitted (and you are free to do so as well), but not every grade and subject area has assignments yet. When you start creating work for your classes there, think about sharing it with other teachers and start to build a valuable collections for fellow teachers around the world!

I studied the site for a bit by approaching it from student, parent, and teacher options. It was easy to navigate. Further I found that I could download already prepared worksheets and tests as well as set up my own. I noted that you may also share your work with other teachers if you chose to do so.

How does such a site assist ELLs (ESL students) and others?

1. They may have more than one opportunity to take a test on a given topic. Sometimes, students need to revisit a test due to language issues or limited knowledge of the content. Students could also take "practice" tests to build self-confidence.

2. They receive immediate feedback on their test results. With such feedback, students can discuss with the teacher the areas where they encounter some confusion BEFORE they take the major assessment.

3. Students can get regular progress reports. If the scores keep improving, self-esteem skyrockets. Of course, this will make parents beam with pride.

Take a tour of the site and see if it meets your needs:)



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