Thursday, December 1, 2011

Amazing Historical Photographs!

If you teach history, you will want to bookmark this site. The photographs here capture famous historical figures and events through time. In fact, the first photograph ever taken (1826) is here!

Some of the major items captured here are the Titanic before and after the disaster, Hitler as a baby (the only time he was innocent), Che and Fidel in their youth, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, and black surgeons saving a white KKK member in the south before the Civil Rights Bill was passed. There are so many incredible photos in this collection. Teachers can use the to add to almost any lesson.

If you teach ELLs, these photos could build content background knowledge as you go through a unit on the Wright brothers (Aviation history) and how their invention still affects their lives today for example.


Hope you enjoy the site and don't forget to see me at C.A.B.E. (California Association of Bilingual Educators) on 3/8/11 for a half day workshop on creating virtual dioramas!



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