Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Typing Practice With a Purpose! (Plus Many Other Activities)

SENTENCE-WORD GAMES offers a wide range of academic games in English, typing, reading, vocabulary, etc. One of their best games is the one on sentences. The student must type each letter that appears on the screen. Each letter is part of a word and each word part of a saying by a famous figure from history. Even more impressive is that a student can click on the author of the quote and get a detailed biography. Teachers could assign students to report on one author that resonates with them. For ELLs, a paragraph frame or note-taking graphic organizer could be provided so that students have some direction in gathering key data. With such supports, ELLs are far more likely to do well on the assessment.

Another feature of this site is that it is a good use of those extra few minutes from finishing a lesson to the ringing of the bell to change classes:) Don't let kids pick games. You do it to make sure that learning continues.


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