Thursday, November 24, 2011

Your Students Will Love THE PROBLEM SITE!

As the winter break fast approaches, teachers are trying to prep students for final exams, assist them in finishing up projects, or complete final drafts on essays. Students need to study, but what can the internet do to liven up the routine a bit? Quite a bit actually:) One site that even has activities for calculus is THE PROBLEM SITE. Everything here is free and contains academic content.

You will find educational games, problems, and puzzles galore! Students may also work on daily puzzles of various types, access resource sites in the reference section on astronomy, math, programming, etc. Teachers can also generate worksheets for free here from a variety of disciplines. One fun activity might be to have students generate worksheets for each other:)

Now, though many of these activities are geared to older students, a new section has been added for all levels of elementary school---THE PROBLEM SITE: JUNIOR EDITION. It seems that, due to high demand, this section is going to be further developed so if you teach lower grades, you will want to bookmark (or save as a favorite) to keep current.

If you would like to access the premium features, you won't have to spend a penny---it is free!

Hope you like the site!



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