Sunday, November 27, 2011

Care to Encourage Students to Read More?

Of course, the answer to the question here is yes! With the competition of XBox, Play Station, social media, etc., teachers need to find ways to make the act of reading equally as engaging. It may seem to be a slightly challenging task; however, thanks to the internet, it is definitely not impossible. In fact, there are many free websites out there which motivate students to want to read.

One free site that offers a wide variety of reading activities is the RIF site-READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. Students can illustrate stories. Teachers only need to print out the mini-books and students can then read and illustrate them. Great way to assess for reading comprehension since the illustrations they create must tie into the subject material. There are also "Activity of the Month" ideas. This month the activity is poetry in pictures. Not only is there a sample writing, but also student writings as well. This is especially beneficial for ELLs since they have enough support (picture and writing examples) to develop a clear picture of what is expected in their own writing. The activity here is that students see a painting and write about the landscape or the people in the picture. They are encouraged to submit it also. If they are lucky, they see their work displayed on the site. What a feather to have in their caps at that age--"published" author!

Hope your students enjoy the site!


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