Sunday, November 13, 2011

Teachers' Treasure Trove of Digital Media to Assist In ALL Grades and Subject Areas!

Ever wish you could take the abstract concepts in a lesson and make them more accessible with your students (and especially for your ELLs)? Often times, the real world application is not readily available to drive home a key point without your spending endless time on the internet hoping to get lucky:) Well, the site TEACHER'S DOMAIN may be just what you are looking for and it is FREE! The site is from NY and is dedicated to NY State teachers, BUT open to any teacher anywhere in the world with registration. I am in California and have full access. Content teachers in English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Arts, and Social Studies (all grade levels) will appreciate the already prepared lessons which they can adjust to meet their populations' needs, but more importantly is the digital video selection.

This site's digital collection takes subject material and applies it to the real world. Take the study of angles and slope. It makes more sense when a student can see how it surfaces in the world around them. All too often, students sit in the classes wondering how any of the lesson they are listening to personally affects their lives. Here the video component addresses this often missing component in many lessons. Yet, the site doesn't just offer lots of videos alone. It goes beyond by offering TEACHING STRATEGIES to accompany those videos. This site is quite unique in the extent it goes to supporting every strategy with solid rationales. Such support creates a learning environment in which EVERY student can be fully engaged in the learning process. The scenarios these activities create are ones of full interaction--with peers, with groups, with teachers, with the text, etc.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do:)



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