Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FREE Audio Books for All Ages Online:)

In these hard economic times, finding the resources to buy reading materials can sometimes be a strain on the family budget (or student budget if in college). With libraries cutting their hours, bookstores going bankrupt, and shrinking incomes, one must look to other sources to nurture the continued growth of a love of reading.

For very young children, try STORYLINE. On this site, actors read children's books with flair:) Even adults will enjoy listening to all 24 books. My favorite is Betty White's reading of HARRY, THE DIRTY DOG. What is more amazing is that all the actor's have donated their time to this endeavor. Though donations are encouraged, there is no pressure:)

FREE ONLINE BOOKS offers a much wider selection and to all age groups. This site offers 8 top websites for online reading material including pod casts in some cases. If you have e-readers (i.e. Kindle or Nook, etc.), you can upload hundreds of books from the public domain with ease. I have a library of 20 to date and my collection continues to grow. I also encourage faculty to use this resource with all of their students. No money is needed and they can continue to strengthen their reading skills along the way:)



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