Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun Writing Activities For Sentence Through Essay Practice

Many times when teachers begin to introduce a writing lesson, kids start to sigh ("here we go again"". Writing CAN be fun and engaging if the teacher knows how to hook her/his audience. When technology is woven into a writing lesson, kids tend to be more engaged in the process. Remember that this is the generation with smart phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, kindles, etc. so they probably know more about high tech gadgets than the teachers. If teachers tap into this "energy" source, they are more likely to reach their students and therefore build writing skills with relative ease.

TIME4WRITING is a commercial site that offers quality free writing resources for all levels of writing and also includes a section on taking standardized tests. For students who need more one on one, there is the option of their 8 week program. However, the free resources came directly from their own teachers and the some of course content in their program.

The writing resources listed are organized into seven main categories. Each category includes a selection of fun writing games, instructional videos, printable writing worksheets and other writing tools that are topic specific and related to each category. These free writing resources were created by their teachers and pulled directly from their own courses for use in class or at home if the student has access to the internet and a computer.

If you are some reluctant writers, this may be just what you need to make the content more accessible to them!




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