Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Treasure Chest of Activities For ALL GRADES and ALL SUBJECT AREAS!

SCHOLASTIC offers outstanding teacher resources for all subject areas and at all grade levels. This includes online interactives, worksheets, historical photographs, lessons, instructional video clips, and much more. Though this is a commercial site geared to teachers and the needs of their students, they are extremely generous in what they offer to schools for free.

Once you pick your grade and particular subject interest you have, take some time to explore all facets of the site. There is quite a bit there and, though it may seem overwhelming at first site, you will quickly get acclimated to it. The information you find here could easily be woven into any lesson with your computer and LCD projector. Materials found here build student curiosity which leads to motivation to learn.

Though all students will enjoy this site, your ELLs will benefit the most since it takes complex material (i.e. material that they have no background information on), and makes it accessible with ease. Textbooks are fine, but this generation is a digital one. The more tech in any lesson, the more successful the instruction.

I hope you enjoy the site.



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