Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National Jukebox Project of The Library of Congress:)

This National Jukebox will be seen as a treasure by both music and social studies departments. Here you will find actual recordings from 1900-1925. There are over 10,000 recordings in the collection. These recordings include opera, humorous monologues, band music, theater productions, etc. In the early 20th century, your typical family would huddle close to the family radio and listen to these works. Imagine the smiles on student faces as they walk into class and hear tunes from the period you are about to introduce to them such as the study of World War I. After the giggles pass, they would be ready to discover the political environment which led to the song since no song starts in a vacuum. With ELLs, this would begin to build a content foundation that a teacher could build on with ease.

I hope you enjoy the recordings.


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