Thursday, August 11, 2011

Helping Kids Understand the World Wide Financial Crisis

The world is probably dealing with the worst financial crisis since the depression of the 1930s. Jobs are hard to find. Homes are being lost due to foreclosures. Parents are struggling to put food on the table with drastically reduced finances. Marriages are breaking up. The list goes on. Yet, despite all those tragic events, students will still come to school--probably the one area of stability in their lives.

With school opening around many parts of the US this month, teachers will most likely be faced with questions from students. Some questions might focus on their own family's financial woes while others might focus on how could this debacle occur in America. Other students might want to know how the activities on Wall Street personally affect their lives. Then there are those who might question why the president doesn't have the power to "fix things."

Well with all this turmoil in the world, there is a unique opportunity to make a learning experience out of it. HELP KIDS UNDERSTAND THE FINANCIAL CRISIS Scholastic Magazine offers some well thought out lesson plans on many parts of the puzzle and the lessons are developed in such a way as to make them fully comprehensible for ELLs and EOs. Many come with PDF worksheets, downloadable books, photographs of struggling Americans during the 1930s, etc. Since this section is aimed at grades 3-8 (though high school ELLs would benefit from it as well), you will need to see which sections apply to your grade level.


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