Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fellow Teachers--Care to Have a Little Fun?

Have you ever wondered what happened in the year you were born? How would you like to get the basics without visiting a library or googling it? If this has ever crossed your mind, you will definitely enjoy this site.

The YEAR YOU WERE BORN is a site that your students will definitely enjoy reading. Teenagers especially tend to be very much self-absorbed at that age so this will definitely motivate them to read the results. In fact, this reading could open the door to a mini-research report on the period or a project. Imagine this as an opening of the new school year activity. Students print out their information and then create a poster around the results. Parents will definitely enjoy seeing such projects at the start of the school year. For ELLs, this simple activity would involve reading and writing as well as listening and speaking as they share the results of their findings with their peers.

I hope you enjoy this:)

ELL Teacher Pros

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