Sunday, June 12, 2011

Online Timed Journaling Activities:)

Summer vacation is almost here (for some, it has already started). Students may look forward to fun and frolic for 6-10 weeks, but teachers wonder if their students will retain some of the skills teachers spent months developing in them. One of the areas where students lose the most over the break is writing. Grammar skills and vocabulary weaken since such skills are not needed for XBox:) With the typical short attention spans of students, teachers need to find sites that only require a few minutes each day. For writing, ONEWORD fits the bill with ease. Students must register, but it is free. In this site, you are presented with ONE WORD and have 60 seconds to write on it. All entries can be saved. What students will probably most enjoy is that each word is a total surprise! Here you are "killing two birds with one stone"!

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