Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Learning Activities for the Summer:)

This post will be dedicated to providing your students safe fun sites to keep up their English skills. The first one I just finished playing with a few minutes ago was on sentence building. The site is entitled GRAMMAR GAMES GRADES 2-5. Prefixes and suffixes, grammar, word walls, etc. are all presented in a game format. Many of the games are presented in a format that even older students would enjoy playing. I am thinking of ELLs who often come to our school sites with very little English and therefore need all the support we can muster to help them access language. This site might be "learning center" activity for those who need more time to process information in those areas.

For older students, why not motivate them to be creative in honing their language skills over the summer break? I found two sites that might do just that! One is FUTURE ME where students will write a letter on their feelings, concerns, fears, successes, etc. and then have it delivered in an email to them at a date of their own choosing. These postings can be private or public. The student makes the choice. I will be sharing this site with the teachers at my site when we go back to school in August. I feel that it would be a positive start and possibly motivate students to try hard to fulfill those dreams as the year moves forward.

Last, but not least, why not encourage students to create a PREZI power point of their vacation activities? It is free and stored on PREZI's server so should the hard drive die, the presentation is safe. Students will have a great time trying to dazzle their future viewers. Here is an example of a PREZI in math that was voted a favorite of the staff at PREZI: Math is not Linear. PREZI will excite the artist present in every one of your students (and they might get credit for their PREZI):)

Now that school is over for me, I expect to be back blogging 5-7 times a week:)


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