Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free E-Books Online!

How would you like to have access to an almost unlimited collection of some of the greatest pieces of English literature for FREE! PROJECT GUTENBERG is the answer to your prayers:) You can also download these readings to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, any other portable device.

In this day and age of ever shrinking school budgets both in the US and abroad, securing funds to build a classroom library is highly unlikely. However, there are ways to make these pieces of classical literature available to your students. Sign up for access to your school's computer room (or access to the laptop mobile lab) 2 or 3 times a week. Students will then be able to enjoy sustained silent reading of any story they like several times a week. Another option is one contingent on your school's electronic devices' policy. If your school district allows you the option of letting students use their cell phones in class for school work, they can access the site and read in class. Still one more option is to involve parents. Provide them with the site and secure their support that their children will be able to do reading assignments from the site (i.e. continue reading the book picked in class) at home. You could make readings from this site ones that count for extra credit if you can not provide access to everyone at the same time (i.e. classes with access to only a couple of computers for example). You might also assign small groups to the same book and then have each group do a power point on what they read, or design a DVD jacket for the book, or create a comic book condensed version of the book, etc. The limit here is one of your imagination:)

Last item, if you are on summer break, why not download some of your old favorites yourself and set aside some quiet reading time for yourself!



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