Thursday, June 30, 2011

200 Years of American History in Digital Pictures!

Picture History: The Primary Source for History Online is a site that social studies teachers at all grade levels will want to bookmark or hold as one of their favorites. Membership is free. This would be a great source to include in power point lectures. It could also be tapped to use as a hook to grab students' attention at the start of the lesson. A good picture with just the right details could stir up quite a bit of discussion before the actual lesson starts. Students who begin a lesson fully engaged tend to stay that way throughout as long as the teacher gives them time to think, process, and share their understanding of key points before the detailed reading and writing assignments begin. ELLs especially need that extra time to learn not only the historical elements of the lesson, but also the academic language needed to fully process what they think they understand.

You may browse by CATEGORY, DECADE, PHOTOGRAPHER, OR ANNIVERSARY. Topics cover the following areas:

Abraham Lincoln
Architecture and Buildings
Arts and Entertainment
Business and Commerce
Historic Eras and Events
Law and Criminal Justice System
Life Cycle
People and Professions
Places and Vistas
Politics and Government
Science, Health, Medicine
Social Conditions and Trends
Transportation and Communication
War and Military

Hope you enjoy the site!

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