Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treasure Chest of History TV Shows and Videos

I am trying to focus on video sites over the next few days since not many teachers (both here and overseas) are fully aware of all the free quality video websites on the internet.

As a teacher of ELLs, I do address both US and world history in my classes. This instruction is not on the level of teacher certified in those subjects of course, but I do lay the groundwork to prepare them to eventually enter mainstream classes. I touch on major wars, revolutions, forms of governments, current events (and there is a lot going on now in the middle east which has all the students following current events without any prodding from me), etc. To grab and hold their attention, motivate them, enable them to grasp content, etc, I use television shows from The History Channel. Now, occasionally there may be a slight US bias in the materials, but for the most part, their presentations try to present the material from different perspectives. Remember that my job is to lay a groundwork in US issues so that when they enter their content classes, they will come prepared to succeed in regular US and World History classes.

Why videos? This generation lives and breathes technology. Using just a textbook is not enough. When I bring in video by making it part of my lesson, I provide additional instructional tools to make the complex less so. Further, ELLs with internet at home can watch the videos/tv shows as much as they want for free.

It is my hope that this website will be useful to you as well. If you have any comments, please share them.


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