Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What do I do with a new arrival with the year almost up?

Well, a week ago, a new student entered my ELD class. He has only been in the US for 2 weeks. This 9th grader is enthusiastic and truly wants to fully participate though he has almost no English. I am hoping people will respond to this since I am sure there are more creative people out there than I.

We use computers 2 times a week. Students have academic work for 20 minutes and then they go to other sites. One I have been using for this kid is www.spellingcity.com. I picked it for him because he can input words (from me), listen to them pronounced with a human voice, play games with those words in them, do sentence writing, etc. When errors are made, he is prompted to try again. He seems to like the site.

Also, since he can not type, he spends 15 minutes on fun typing exercise sites.

However, I am looking for more to do with him. Any ideas out there?



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