Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keeping Kids Excited About Learning as the Year Winds Down:)

Well, spring break is around the corner. The year is coming to a close on a down note. Next year we will face 5 furlough days and our instructional days will be extended by 25 minutes. Money will be almost non-existent for books,supplies, you name it. The only good thing is that the majority of our teachers opted for days without pay in lieu of laying people off. It is better to be employed even with reduced pay and benefits than to be job hunting. I digress however.

I think I will them work on fabulous project. Maybe I will offer them the opportunity to delve into a topic that most interested them over the school year. I will allow them to use any form of presentation they like--art, movie, website, animated cartoon, etc. This will mean that I must provide them with exposure to all the forms so that they can make wise choices. Writing will be involved in everything (they won't realize this initially of course), but I think they will be OK with it once they are involved. I will also create a rubric with input from them. If possible, I will pass them on to their next teacher:)


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