Thursday, January 28, 2010

Highlighted Essays Were Typed on Computers!

In my activity with highlighted essays, students knew that draft number 3 was going to be be typed. Most of them type with two fingers, but you have to start somewhere:) They were introduced to the spell checker and seemed to enjoy having the computer make sense of their "creative spellings." The final typed version was handed in along with all drafts and their graphic organizer (www.readwritethink.org) will be one of three items that I will be covering at NABE,CABE, and CATESOL along with PDFs. One student looked at his finished essay and said in all seriousness "so this is what a 5 paragraph essay looks like." I had to laugh as I responded "bingo, you got it!" Here a picture was indeed worth a thousand words!

Look forward to suggestions and comments:)


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