Thursday, January 28, 2010

Budget Woes!

At my site, we have exhausted our supply of paper! Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. If there is no more paper, we need to find another way for students to do their work without paper. Google Docs is what I am pushing for. Are there any teachers out there in the CLOUD who are already using it and would be willing to share strategies? Thanks.



  1. On top of buying MORE of our own supplies, my paycheck just got smaller because payroll is building in a new tax schedule, and I doubt we're going to get a raise this year -- and that's IF I'm even rehired.

    Private sector, anyone?

  2. Everyone is bitting the bullet it seems. I only wish more people knew how physically and financially challenging this profession is. My students are ELLs and they often have very limited resources so I find myself buying those basic essential school supplies every year and giving them away. It is interesting how the media never looks at how much we put out of our own pockets every day to help our students. Why is this not newsworthy that teachers have to supplement the state's educational budget?