Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How About Virtual CHART PAPER for Your Class!

With money always being an issue in most classrooms, supplies are often times a bit difficult to come by especially when it comes to chart paper (a favorite for group projects).  Add to this inconvenience that keeping such projects for an extended period of time can often times be a challenge at best.  Lamination could preserve some of them, but the process is not cheap and most schools don't even have a big enough laminating machine to accommodate a teacher's needs.

How about virtual paper?  "Paper" that never tears or rips and that the teacher can keep for years?  Well, welcome to PADLET!  This incredible free website offers a student an "easel" to meet the requirements of almost any chart paper project with ease.  Further, unlike chart paper where students must hunt for pictures, tape/glue, scissors, markers, reliable partners who show up prepared to contribute, time constraints, etc., PADLET is online so all a student needs is access to the internet via tablet, desktop, laptop, or cell phone. 

Here is a vocabulary activity from one teacher.  Students had to post sentences using the word FASCINATE in a sentence.  How about timelines?  What about the OdysseyQuizzes?  There are so many options here to get kids excited about demonstrating their understanding of an assignment in a non-traditional way. 

As with any app,  explore it in your free time since you have to be prepared for the mistakes students will make in working with something totally new.  I think you will like the app.  My students really enjoy using it and sharing the results with fellow classmates and parents:)

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