Friday, February 21, 2014

Great Site to Differentiate Your Reading Activities and Meet Common Core Standards:)

How many teachers have classes where each and every student is at the same level in reading abilities?  My guess is that this is highly unlikely to say the least.  The vast majority of teachers have classes with students of mixed abilities in reading.  So how does a teacher support this wide range of reading abilities?  Try READ WORKS

With this site, teachers have a wide range of reading passages from all the academic disciplines and at many grade levels to pull from.  Registration is required, but it is free.
What options are there for reading strategies practice?  They are listed here:
What subject areas specifically are included?  See below:

The site also offers lesson plan units aligned to common core standards:

To successfully meet the reading skills development needs of diverse classrooms, this is a site teachers should bookmark and pull from as needed.  Note the EDMODO pin.  Teachers with EDMODO accounts can save work directly to that site for student use with just a click:)

I hope this site meets your needs:)


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