Thursday, January 9, 2014

Care to Liven up Vocabulary Review? Try QUIZLET!

How often do teachers of all disciplines have to build academic vocabulary for their students?  Often times, much of such work is done in class and through engaging techniques no doubt.  What if teachers could design online tools for this purpose which students could access at any time from their iPhone/Smart phone, iPod, tablet, or laptop for free?  What if these tools were actually fun?  What if students didn't actually realizing that they were "working"? :)

Well, there is such a tool and it is FREE!  Welcome to quizlet:)  Here is a site that is quite easy for teachers to set up.  This is a must with the workloads teachers have every day.  Once the teacher has uploaded vocabulary and definitions, s/he shares it with students.  If there are multiple classes, there is a fee of $25 a year with more features added, but most teachers are content with free access.

What are the options once the class is created and the vocabulary loaded?  Students can try FLASH CARDS to prep for additional activities on the site.  There is also the option to hear the word pronounced which is very beneficial for the English language learner.  Once self-confidence is established, students may go on to LEARNING the words, TESTING themselves on them, MATCHING word to definition (drag word to definition--if correct, the words disappear), and finally proceed on to SPACE RACE (a game using the vocabulary).

Try it:)


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