Tuesday, October 22, 2013

English Is Truly a Crazy Language:)

English is a challenge for native speakers as well as English learners.  English speakers spend countless hours in class learning English spelling rules and then even more hours learning the many exceptions (ex. child becomes children and not childs:)  Add to spelling, the many inconsistencies in pronunciation depending on the function of the word in the sentence (ex. read present tense-read past tense---same pronunciation). 

Well, here is a fun look at English.  Students will definitely enjoy exploring the bizarre nature of English.  To share this with students, a less is more approach would be the best.  I offered it in small chunks usually at the end of class one day in the week (for me, it is Friday).  Such information generally opens up a lively conversation as to why those inconsistencies exist.  These conversations easily lead to how to use reading skills to decide which pronunciation is called for and why.  For example, THE STUDENTS WERE TOO CLOSE TO THE DOOR TO CLOSE IT.  The first CLOSE is an adjective while the second is a verb.  As these forms are discussed, grammar can be woven in with ease in studying the parts of speech and their functions in a sentence.

Studying English can be fun at times and this is one of them:)



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