Friday, June 21, 2013

16 Creative Ways to Add PINTEREST to Teacher's Tool Kit:)

Here is a truly amazing social media tool that fits into any content area lesson at any grade level for any teacher both novice and veteran alike.  That tool is PINTEREST!  To date, I have 33 "boards" covering all academic content areas as well as topics of special interest to me (ex.  my hometown of New York City). 

How can pinterest further bring order into a teacher's daily routine and enjoy the process along the way?  This infographic offers 16 practical ways (divided into 4 categories) to achieve this.  Of course, teachers will find it easy to add to this-just consider this a starting point only.

The 4 starting group areas here are:

CURATE CONTENT-whatever the content, teachers can add all the resources they need to this section.  Within this format, teachers can add visuals, movies, photos, academic content based real world  problems, etc.  Teachers can create boards  within to share with other teachers, students, and parents.

ORGANIZE IDEAS-organize boards around content areas, collect specific links on subject related boards, etc.

COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS-invite both same subject teachers as well as those from other disciplines to add thoughts, sources, teaching techniques, project based learning ideas, etc.

ALLOW STUDENTS TO USE PINTEREST-post their work, share projects with parents, have them work collaboratively with fellow students in creating  "virtual posters" on assigned topics, etc.

This is an incredible tool which would fit in perfectly with the technology focus found in common core:)



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