Monday, May 6, 2013

Teachers--Are You Getting the Most Out of Your iPad? Here Are 23 Things You Need To Know:)

Apple has created a gem of a tech tool which offers a great deal of potential in revolutionizing the typical classroom and the ways lessons are delivered to students.  The latest invention, the iPad, offers a world of information presented along with a wide range of applications most of which are FREE or almost FREE (ex. $.99 on average).  Education apps permit struggling students to actually have more time to process information in non-traditional ways.  They often times monitor student progress or lack thereof.  Teachers can access the results with ease almost immediately. 

So, once the iPad is in a teacher's hands, what happens next?  After all, before these learning tools are turned over to students, teachers have to become almost instant experts in the basic operational features of the device.  It seems obvious, but to have instruction run smoothly, teachers have to be prepared for the many questions students will have.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

This is a site that every educator will appreciate.  It truly supplies a new iPad owner all the basics in its use.  With the basics fully understood, teachers can move on to mobile power points, whiteboards, etc. with ease.  The quicker the teacher becomes confident in its use, the quicker the technology will be in the hands of students with a master of its use guiding them:)



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