Sunday, May 12, 2013

FREE Online Resource on Standards Based Texts and Images For English and History From University of Virginia

As teachers in 46 states continue to develop expertise in the implementation of the new common core standards, they will require access to a wide range of informational and non-informational texts to draw from.  With public school funding still weak at best, teachers will probably turn to the internet to support their efforts.  Often times, such searches demand quite a bit of time from their already busy schedules.  So, what is a teacher to do?

Here are some free  resources which both English and history teachers will surely appreciate.  Reading materials found here come from both fiction and non-fiction including, but not limited to,   poetry, drama, and  letters.  History teachers will also appreciate material from  newspapers, manuscripts and illustrations from 1500 to the present.  It is quite an impressive collection--one that will intrigue students to do that focused reading which will lead to many discoveries on their part.  Such reading leads to making them more independent learners, and such skills transfer to succeeding in both college and the business world. 

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