Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Common Core Mathematics Support Through Illustrative Mathematics:)

As students continue to interact with the common core math standards, they may require a variety of additional supports to build proficiency in the academic demands of math.  Thinking outside the box will be a necessary tool in applying math skills to real world scenarios.  Students will face such challenges as members of task team where collaboration will be the focus in arriving at solutions to a problem.   Such a skill is one that the real world demands in this global workforce. 

Since not every student grasps key concepts at the same time, teachers may wish to employ additional strategies to deliver content effectively to English language learners and those with special needs.  Computers enter the picture here since they have infinite patience.  In this economy, support tools should be free since many districts suffer from ever shrinking budgets.

Keeping this in mind, teachers may like  illustrative mathematics.  All of the math standards are covered here from grades K-12.  Teachers can select the area of math where the students need either to further hone their skills or a real world problem that a team of students must solve.  Another  impressive of this free site is that are a few videos where students explain how they arrived at their answers down to the smallest detail.  This is what common core demands.  Students must go beyond a simple answer to including detailed commentary on how they arrived at their answers.  Of course, this new look at solving problems is probably very unfamiliar to students so such videos might support teachers trying to train students on how to accomplish this goal.

I am not a math teacher, but I do believe that this, along with Khan Academy, would just be another tool to meet the same end---student success:)


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