Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bring Business World into Math Class and See Student Engagement Skyrocket:)

With Common Core math lessons, the textbook will no longer control the layout of the course or the pacing.  It will be far more engaging since the letters and numbers will now have a direct connection to life beyond high school. 

Here is a clip of class of academically low performing math students who entered Build San Francisco Institute where math in the real world  in architecture was the focus.  Classes are small and students spend part of their non-traditional school day as interns at architectural firms in the city of San Francisco.  Their assignments at the firm are to create living quarters, for example, which meet strict city specs while also turning a profit.  Architects support them along the way, but do not take over traditional roles of teachers.  As students pursue their projects, they encounter roadblocks, but no adult gives the answer.  Students, with guidance, solve the problems as they proceed along.  This approach proves that with perseverance, any issue can be successfully dealt with.  What is in place within this set-up is common core in action.  Project based learning is the process.

Here is background on project.  The success of this approach has led to higher graduation rates and test scores.  More importantly, these students now see real life applications to subject matter and that connection could lead to a career that they might not have previously considered.

So how can lessons be created with the common core in this area?  Welcome to core lesson planner,
where teachers can have access to all the standards and places to store any lessons created.  It is free to join.  Build lessons with common core standards contained within the site and then save them in the cloud!  Never again will a teacher have to worry about losing lessons:)



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