Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Incredible Resources For Use in Common Core From De Paul University!

Though there are probably many examples of non-fiction and fiction texts for teachers to use in conducting lessons on literacy based on the common core, most are not free.  This free site from De Paul University has a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction reading passages for grades 2-10.  Each reading is equipped with assessments, scaffolding devices, and graphic organizers.  There is even bilingual support for some of the readings.

Since common core is still in its infancy, teachers would benefit from seeing solid examples of what instruction should look like as well as have some initial reading passages ready to use.  After all, to secure teacher buy-in, one must offer credible supports to build teacher self-confidence in successfully carrying out common core based lessons with as many valid instructional materials as possible.  Further, money is still scarce with many districts so using free quality materials such as this will provide sufficient guidance for schools down the road in buying quality support materials.  Using this tool, they will be more informed on what they are looking for in buying programs from publishers thereby eliminating the trial and error approach. 



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