Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bring Into History and English Classes Some Sayings from 1500s Still Used Today and Easily Capture Attention of ALL:)

Sometimes, it can be challenge to keep students energized in an English or history class.  After all, the school year is over in a few weeks so many a mind is focusing on vacation:)

That being said, students still have to master a few more items in those two subject areas.  The history of sayings from 1500s would fit in any class studying the Middle Ages (literature or history).  Students could be assigned tasks of tracking down these expressions to see if they are authentic or not.  Actually, such an activity leads to the process of verifying, verifying, and verifying again---a skill which common core addresses repeatedly.  Students must learn that just because something is on the internet doesn't make it true:)

Teachers could then have students create posters on expressions including their true origins, the countries of origin, and their connections to the 21st century.  Some might even have the class findings uploaded to class blogs/websites for all the school to see.  Such an activity would prove that learning can be both enlightening and fun simultaneously:)  Imagine that!



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