Friday, April 5, 2013

"70 Ways to Keep Students Engaged" BY Teachers FOR Teachers:)

One of the keys to success in improving student academic performance at any grade level is active student engagement within a lesson.  Straight lecture is not enough. Such an approach accompanied by calling on those few volunteers who always know the answer leads to restlessness or nodding off on the part of the majority of the class.  After all, if teachers expect students to retain content knowledge, they must employ different approaches to assist the students in retaining information.  Further ELLs and those with special needs must have multiple opportunities to process new information.  Simple handouts or assignments from the text are not enough since many of these handouts are usually created by the publisher with little in the way of accommodations for students with special needs.

So what are some suggestions for motivating all students and enjoying the process along the way?  The collection listed in this post  offers 70 creative academic activities which can be applied to any subject area and at any grade level.  They are all imaginative forms of checking-for-understanding which touch on all learning styles and have the potential to weave in multiple intelligences in the process.  What imaginations we teachers possess:)



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