Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Graphic Organizers Support Students in Both Writing and Accessing Content

Though this blog has addressed graphic organizers as well as thinking maps in the past, it never hurts to deliver refreshers on the topic:)

These tools offer support to ELLs as well as any other students who need additional assistance in navigating the content of a lesson.   They can be used at any grade level and in any subject area.  Another bonus feature of these tools is that technology is not necessary (though there are sites online where they are woven into content). 

So how might they be used in class?  If students are reading a text and looking for comparison/contrast details, they might use a double-bubble mind map or a venn-diagram.  To brainstorm new topics, a concept map fits the bill.  All student replies would be posted to a chart and kept on the wall for students to revise or add to as they study their passage, book, news article, etc. 

There are no limits to their use in class.  In fact, why not have students create their own from time to time:)

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