Thursday, December 13, 2012

More From NASA in Astrophysics, Astronomy, Earth Science and Much More!

Space is humanity's new frontier.  Astronomy is a field of study which fascinates students of all ages.  It is taught in varying degrees in all science courses (physics, geology, technology, biology, and much more).  To inspire students to pursue studies in the sciences, NASA has created a website that taps the interests of teachers, researchers, teens, kids, and citizen scientists. 

What is highlighted in NASA SCIENCE ?  Everything including earth, heliophysics, astronomy, missions, technology, astrophysics, solar system is found here.  There are also news feeds which cover the latest news on space.  In fact, a current one debunks the "end of the world" myth which has earth being destroyed on 12/21/12.  The most effective way to ease the unwarranted fears of students is to supply the facts and NASA does an exemplary job of it.  Check out the SCIENCE CAST on why the world will not end.

Build assignments around the planets.  Have students take a "walk" on Mars or research current missions to explore the solar system.  What is there in astronomy that would not be found intriguing by even the most reticent student?  Start here and move out to planetariums, backyard star parties, astronomy clubs, etc. 

Bring the stars, planets, universe into any classroom with this site:)



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