Friday, December 7, 2012


Imagine schools from kindergarten up where math is infused into every aspect of the lesson throughout the entire school day.  Within such a setting, students have the potential to develop a far more positive outlook on math.  It is no longer a mind numbing subject which leaves some students in tears at their inability to make sense of a math problem no matter how hard they try.  Well, this situation is changing thanks to leaders in education taking an entirely new look at the teaching of math!

To build student self-confidence in tackling math, teachers present real math situations in every class without providing answers.  This approach allows students time to process their own answers to share with the class.  Each student shares her/his rationale for solutions to the problem.  Kindergarten youngsters in this video are creating math patterns with blocks and then explaining their creations with academic vocabulary.  Elementary school students with varying emotional problems plot out the dimensions of the Titanic and this adds insight into the tragedy for them in their history class.  The faculty takes math classes from the school math coach on tweaking their math skills.  It is not OK to say that they are not good at math.  Through the support of the peer math coach, each one sees that there are multiple routes to an answer:) 

MAGIC OF MATH  provides an exciting new look at the teaching of math.  With this approach, no student should feel that math is beyond her/him to understand.


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