Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Common core standards will usher in an array of new assessment techniques for teachers and their students.  This new approach will offer a more accurate picture of a student's strengths and weaknesses.  With instructional programs such as EXPLICIT DIRECT INSTRUCTION, teachers will have multiple opportunities to assess for understanding throughout a lesson.  Such data will permit the teacher to create mini-lessons to address confusion on the part of struggling students (ELLs especially) while the rest of the class is free to continue other assignments.  Project based learning will be a major part of instructional component of every class.  Active student engagement through team collaborative activities like those found in the business world will prepare students to master those skills employers want in their employees.

So schools will move away from overuse of multiple choice questions and personal narratives to projects addressing real world problems where 21st century skills in math, science, engineering, etc. must be used to solve real world problems.   In such settings, students will not only have to employ a wide range of skills to solve problems, but also be able to the necessary research to develop an answer, work with a team to develop a solution, and then, with sharp presentation skills, offer their solutions to the problem.  School will be moving away from the humor in this video:  I CHOOSE C

Planning team building and class discussion activities to fully prepare students for this new look at learning are in this video of high school students following an challenging urban planning curriculum in a  fifteen-hour study unit. Teams of high school juniors and seniors were in a competition to offer the best plan for remodeling a poor neighborhood.  All academic skills are tweaked to apply to the business task of remodeling.  Quite impressive!  PROJECT BASED LEARNING ACTIVITY



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