Monday, December 10, 2012

Common Core Math Standards + Graphing Stories Site = Student Access to Content

Through this site, students are presented with real world applications to math.  Graphing tied to scenarios which are familiar to students leads to a far better grasp of content than relying on textbooks.  This is not to say that textbooks have no value, but for many students (especially language minority students with limited reading and writing skills), the reading level of the text is several years above theirs.  How does a teacher bridge the gap between what students bring to class and the grade-level content of the text?  Practical real world applications allow students to access math and more importantly build self-confidence in tackling math in any scenario.


With all the mathematical concepts and vocabulary being tied to short simple video clips, the teacher provides access to both content and language development.  For ELLs, every teacher must be a language teacher and that includes math teachers at any level of mathematics.  In GRAPHING STORIES, ELLs learn key vocabulary in context while they learn to enjoy math!



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