Thursday, November 29, 2012

Common Core Standards for ELA and Literacy

Common core standards has the potential to radically reform instructional delivery and content in ways which will provide access to 21st century skills which will in turn open the doors of opportunity to higher education as well as to the global workforce.  The number of entering college freshmen needing to take remedial writing in their first year should plummet since schools will be preparing students for university early on in their education.  Informational text will be the focus.

Will common core be rigid in its structure?  Will states be able to supplement the standards with some of their own unique requirements?  Yes.  For example, California is in the process of adding some elements unique to their state to the standards.  The basic framework is unaltered however since states are supplementing and not replacing.

Take a look at this excellent overview of what awaits schools in 46 states.  It will revolutionize not only how students learn, but also what they are learning.  In fact, it is an exciting time to be in the field of education since this is an opportunity to offer every child in American schools a quality education that will open up the doors of opportunity to a life with choices.




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