Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Twitter in the classroom?  Facebook?  Blogging?  Youtube?  Smart phones?  Videoconferencing?  Yes!  This is the environment our students thrive in.  Yet, not enough schools are tapping into this area of expertise of today's young people. 

Teachers want to involve every student in the learning process.  Calling on names will only reach a few at best.  Having schools work in groups necessitates a lot of ongoing monitoring by the teachers.  Quiet students are many times missed in the process.  So how does technology come to the teacher's rescue?

Instead of having to try to interact with every student on a one-to-one basis, why not try Twitter where all comments, questions, and answers are streamed throughout the lesson to a screen where the teacher (as well as other students) can review comments with ease.  For teachers, it will be far easier identifying students with problems than in the past.  This way the students who don't need the additional support can continue with the assignment and not be held back by strugglers.

How about creating Facebook entries on historical figures?  Set up groups of 4 to do the research in planning out what will be included and in what order.  With iPads or Smart Phones, students could add video to re-enact major events in that figures life and then upload it to Facebook!

What about interacting with classes in other countries?  Have competitions (sports, academic, music, etc.).  Share experiences.  Survey each other's interests.  SO MUCH is possible!

There is also the opportunity for teachers around the world to share ideas. Technology makes all of this possible with ease:)

See examples of all of this in this website:21st CENTURY TEACHING STRATEGIES--SINGAPORE



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