Friday, October 19, 2012

PBS PROJECT BASED LEARNING Video Library for Most Grade Levels (Perfect Support for Common Core)

The video library in this site is an excellent resource on project based learning initiatives around the United States.  Their projects cover all 3 grade spans:  elementary, middle, and high school.  Closed captioning allows full access to content and dialogue.  When opening a link, click on QT since that is the only one which allows full screen access.  The FLASH one does not.

Project based learning is the ideal tool to building connections between content and the real world.  Imagine the delight in eyes of students as they discover through the learning process how math, science, and language (for example) are interrelated!  For ELLs especially, this will break down the barriers of content language which sometimes muddies the waters when it comes to tackling grade level content course materials.  Now, small teams of students will combine all the skills and content knowledge of the group to explore projects in engineering, aerospace, 21st century energy, education in the next 50 years, etc.  ELLs will not only develop a deeper understanding of the content, but also sharpen their English skills.  Actually, it is truly an exciting time to be both a teacher and a student. 

Hopefully these short videos will inspire teachers new to project based learning to give it a go:)




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