Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Great Strategies to Support ELLs in Accessing Geometry

As most teachers already know, geometry has quite a bit of challenging specific subject vocabulary in it.  Though many students have a difficult time with it, English language learners struggle the most since they are tackling unfamiliar content being taught through a language which they are not yet proficient in. 

To support geometry teachers of English language learners, here are some fresh ideas in making the complex understandable.  In GEOMETRY PROJECT WITH ALGEBRA CONNECTIONS, students in London explore geometric figures used in local buildings.  Imagine the impact of seeing geometry in the real world.  This experience breathes life into any geometry textbook.  Those figures really do have meaning.  It is as though the math takes on an ordered life of its own:)  Note the observations the students make in studying these beautiful geometrical figures in their classes.  Then there is the fun project of origami.  Japanese paper art is full of geometry.  Many cultures enjoy it and include it in math classes.  Students of all ages enjoy it and they are working with both algebra and geometry in creating their paper art.

MATH OPEN RESOURCE SITE  Everything math related is included in this open resource site.  It is a good tool to have on class computers for students to refer to as needed.  Homework centers might like it as well just in case the textbook is not enough.  

The U.S. is number 27 in the industrialized world in mathematics.  Common Core offers the potential to reverse this sliding trend:)



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