Friday, October 12, 2012


With ELLs (English language learners) in all mainstream classes, teachers must build in additional instructional supports to provide access to content for the ELLs in their classes.  Word walls, posters, content based charts, etc. are all good tools of course.  However, for ELLs especially, short video clips tied to content can make all the difference in clarifying instructional messages from the teacher in every content class.
OPEN CULTURE-FREE MOVIES ONLINE  is a treasure house of 500 free videos and video clips.  Many of these films are movie classics and can be part of lessons in English literature, science, social issues, social studies, history, etc. 

For example, if To Kill a Mockingbird  is the current novel, why not take select clips from the film (found on this site) to provide context for the ELL.  After all, the experiences of blacks in the U.S. before the Civil Rights Movement are unfamiliar to them since they were not born and raised here.  Inserting key film clips provides clarity for these students.  Also, in using clips (with activities tied to them), all students have time to reflect on what they saw, understood or didn't understand, and discuss their interpretations of what they watched in small group discussions.  For ELLs, time spent on using language in an academic context, builds not only academic fluency, but also self-confidence in being able to tackle academic grade level content. 

This site should save teachers money since they can access the films for FREE:)



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