Monday, October 22, 2012

Common Core: Trigonometry in the REAL WORLD

With common core assessments taking on real world applications, teachers will need to find creative ways to apply core content material to life outside the classroom.  For math, this connection would dramatically raise the test scores for many of the English language learners currently failing those classes.

Is it a difficult concept to build that bridge to real world applications?  No, not at all.  Once students see that the letters and numbers serve vital functions in the real world, they see the content in a whole new light.  From this point, college and career counselors can tap that understanding and guide students to colleges where their skills will be honed and that will lead to solid jobs in the work force.

TRIG IN THE REAL WORLD  Though trigonometry is a course which many students try to avoid, it is one required for entrance to many major institutions of higher learning.  What can a student use trig for?  What purpose does it serve outside the classroom?  This video clip goes into detail on what areas of public life trig fits neatly into.  Students will be amazed, and, with the new common core performance based assessments, students taking trig will be able to use their creativity to use their knowledge of trig to solve engineering problems. 

The video is actually fascinating.  Students will probably have many questions to pose.  This is where it would pay to bring in some guest speakers who use trig in their line of work:)


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