Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bring Student Video Projects Into the Classroom--Great Vehicle for Project Based Learning:)

Video projects are definite crowd pleasers at any grade level.  They involve everyone including the ELLs.  Here is a vehicle which offers many ways to contribute to the project:  set design, script, props, director/s, actors, theme, costume, etc.  In other words, it has something for everyone and certainly requires no prodding from the teacher:)

In this digital age, students generally feel far more comfortable with tech than do many of their teachers.  Textbooks should only be one of many classroom resources for teachers to use in the delivery of their lessons.  So, how can a teacher start the process?

First, visit Apple's site and see all the wonders of  iMovie.  The "how to" videos are easy to follow for a novice.  Teachers should literally experiment with the process.  In fact, why not have students involved in this process during lunch or after school.  They may already be able to use the technology and would probably enjoy teaching the teacher:) 

Here is Apple's instructional video with sample classroom activity shots.  You may use it with the iPad ($4.99), the MacBook (already included), or the iPhone ($4.99).  I have used it to create videos of myself doing demo lessons for teachers as well as filming them.  It was not as intimidating as I thought it would be.iMOVIE  

Once you have experimented with the process, start planning out on paper how it might be used by students.  To get you started, take a look at some ideas which were well received by readers.  There is even a video included on how to use iMovie on the iPad.  Again, the best way to learn it is to play with it.  13 WAYS TO USE iMOVIE IN THE CLASSROOM

iMovie site to purchase it for iPad and iPhone--it is only $4.99, BUT free on a MacBook, MacPro, Mac Desktop.

Now, though I also have a PC, I have not have a need to download this free program to create videos.  Instead, I have the digital camera below (Samsung) which I lend to teachers and then help them clip/edit it with my MacBook. 


Video Camera:  Samsung WB150F Black 14 Megapixel Digital SMART Camera - ECWB150FBPBUS (Google Affiliate Ad)

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