Thursday, September 20, 2012

Great Common Core Math Lesson!

Many educators around the country are following common core lesson deliveries and their students are enjoying the process.  Students are now actively engaged in learning.  This approach involves all including the ELLs.

In this clip (about 10 minutes) COMMON CORE MATH LESSON, classroom management is not an issue since kids are excited about the lesson.  Notice how the teacher gets students to focus on the lesson objective.  By having them say what he has left out in reading the lesson objective,  he has their full attention.  This is explicit direct instruction in action.  Students fully understand what they will be working on and how this will be carried out.  With this type of extensive frontloading of the content and the teacher's repeated checks-for-understanding to make sure that everyone is clear on the upcoming class activity, students are prepared to complete the tasks he has engineered to teach the standard.  Students are ready to not just solve math problems, but discuss multiple ways to arrive at the same answer.  They also know that they may go about achieving this end in any way they wish.  There is no one right way!

Though this lesson is aimed at elementary school, the techniques work at any grade level.  Validating all the learning styles and encouraging different ways to view a problem opens up the class to lively academic discussions where even shy students can feel safe enough to talk.  Pairing students up is a way to also offer support to the ELL.  In this setting, the ELL receives practice in discussing the task while using academic content vocabulary.  With random call-ons, the ELL would be ready to share out if selected since the ELL had time to practice with partners first.

Learning should have a discovery element to it and common core supports this.  To see the whole lesson, just click this link:  ENTIRE LESSON

Common Core will definitely transform education as we know it.



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