Wednesday, August 15, 2012


How does the use of technology transform a classroom?  It pulls this off by tapping into natural student interest in tech and uses this to deliver instruction! 

This site shows the top 10 reasons to use the latest greatest gadget to excite kids about learning.  The top one is that kids love it.  This is an incentive to learn.  All learning styles benefit from it (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).  Differentiation is accomplished with ease and that means less stress for the teacher in trying to meet the needs of a diverse student population including special ed, ELLs, GATE, and others.  Mixed cooperative learning groups can tackle academic projects with ease as they take full advantage of Google, Wiki, YouTube, Twitter, news stations, government agencies such as NASA,  Google Earth, museums around the world, SKYPE, etc. using smart phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Students also should be encouraged to try out webinars on how to learn tech skills online.  Online professional development is quite common nowadays and many of the lessons are free.  So, for example, they might try a YOUTUBE video on using iMOVIE.  After all, teachers do this frequently when they want to explore learning a new tech skill. There is a lot to be said for "trial and error" so students should not be discouraged if they don't succeed on the first try.  In fact, that is where collaboration comes in as students with more experience in this area offer assistance to those for whom it is new.

Teachers can also assign video lectures for homework and then pick up the next day with addressing questions students had in viewing the lesson at home.  Parents can also see everything their child is learning as well.  This approach provides a more in depth look at what is expected of their child in class.


Embrace technology!  It is fun and very effective in delivering instructional support for teachers.  In fact, at most teacher job interviews, some interview question topics that now pop up are "How comfortable are you with technology?  What have you used in your classes OR what would you like to use if  you have never taught before?" 



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