Friday, August 17, 2012

ELLS in Your Class? Create a Website For Additional Support for Struggling Students--SUPER EASY!

With more smart phones surfacing in classrooms nowadays (with teacher/school approval), students can access the internet with just a few clicks.  These are potential learning tools that teachers should use to their advantage:)  As the cost of such phones becomes increasingly more affordable than in the past, almost every student has one regardless of his/her socio-economic status.  For ELLs, these mini-computers have the potential to provide additional access to classroom content that they might not have fully grasped in the classroom lecture/activity.

So, how can a teacher use this device to further support their students?  Create a classroom website which reinforces content and language.  Now, some teachers may be a little hesitant on building because they might feel the construction of a website might be beyond their computer skills.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth...honest.  Using WEEBLY literally anyone can build one with their unique DRAG and DROP layout.  The only areas that will take time are the ones where content is concerned--what files are needed, pictures, online videos, class calendars, etc.  Setting up the layout of the site doesn't take long at all.

I suggest viewing these two YouTube videos on how to use the site.  In watching it, the presenters focus on the free parts.  If still on vacation, take a peek at this site and think about how you might use it to support your ELLs and other struggling students.  PLUS, parents will be quite impressed with you at Back-To-School Night:)



Have fun with this!  I know I did:)



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