Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As the new common core standards are ushered into classrooms around the nation, teachers will need to bring in videos to provide access to content subjects for ELLs especially.  In the past, many districts did not allow access to YOUTUBE on campus.  That was a major inconvenience for educators since they had to devise elaborate workarounds so that they could show the films in class.

Well, this will change!  Check out YOUTUBE IN SCHOOLS OVERVIEW  With this new program, schools will now have access to hundreds of  thousands of free educational videos from YouTubeEDU.  Some of the video sources include PBS, TED, and the Khan Academy to name just a few.  Another definite plus for teachers in these financially difficult times is that all of these videos are free and cover all content areas and grade levels.  Teachers will no longer have to spend hours at home saving videos to flash drives:)

Can students use this new found treasure to explore videos on their own at school?  No.  Students will only be able to access YouTube EDU videos plus videos that their school has added.  Further, all comments and related video links are disabled.  Parents will take comfort in this:)

One feature I was most pleased with is that all those common core standards based activities will now be accessed with a click!  There is a wealth of information on common core on YouTube and this will enhance instructional practices.  Set up your own school channel and build up your own playlist of every video imaginable tied to your subject area.  You will need to create a google account first of course.

YOUTUBE CURRICULUM  Now, once students are home, they may find that they will want to do additional research using YouTube.  Teachers will need to address digital literacy skills in their students not just for using YouTube, but across the web in general.  YouTube has a few short lessons already prepared which cover this area with ease.

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