Thursday, July 19, 2012

More on Khan Academy--An Outstanding Academic Resource for ALL Students Including ELLs!

Imagine the possibility of students doing the "classwork" at home and the "homework" in school:)  In some schools, this already being done through Khan Academy!  Students work on assignments at home through Khan Tutorials.  These videos are typically about 15 minutes long and are followed by practice.  The system keeps track of progress so the teacher can monitor quality of student work with ease.  Such insight permits the teacher to quickly discern who needs more coaching the next day in class and how much.  For students who seem to have mastered the assigned skill, the teacher can send them on to more complex projects or concepts.  Again, everything the students do, the teacher can track on her/his computer.  Some schools are even keeping their computer labs open late so that ALL children can work with the system.  The passing rates for academically struggling students has improved dramatically for these schools.

Would you like to know more about Sal Khan and how Khan Academy came into existence?  See his interview on 60 Minutes.  60 MINUTES INTERVIEW WITH SAL KHAN  He lives in the Silicon Valley and records his lessons right from his home.  For subject areas he hasn't seen in quite a while, he gets a few textbooks to brush up on the content before he does the videos.  His voice is easy to listen to and his notes on the black screen are in color and easy to follow.

For information on the layout of Khan Academy, see this link:   INFORMATION ABOUT KHAN ACADEMY  Here teachers are provided guidance in setting up assignments and monitoring student progress.  Students earn badges as they successfully complete lessons.  In fact, teachers can even add smiley faces if they like:)  It is amazing how much things as simple as badges can motivate students. 

KHAN DASHBOARD Explores KNOWLEDGE MAPS and how they keep track of progress.  Teachers or students select the area they wish to study (go to SEARCH and enter the subject to be studied).  As students answer questions correctly in the practice, they earn badges.  If they enter the wrong answers, they can watch a video tutorial on how to find the answer.  Imagine how powerful it is for students to have access to immediate tutoring as they encounter problems as opposed to waiting for the next day to see the teacher.

Here is the current list of all instructional videos on file.  More are being added in new content areas regularly.

Sign up!  It is free.  If you have computers in your classroom, have your students sign up.  They will develop a new self-confidence in their abilities to do math (at any level):)



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